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About Me

Hello there and thank you for taking the time to visit my website!


My name is Valerie, I was born on the 29th of September in the Netherlands. Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with creating and with royalty. It came as no surprise to my family that many of those interests that I developed as a little girl are still very much on my mind now-a-days. Although I have to dissapoint the three year old me a little bit as I didn't quite achieve my life goal to be a bestselling artist and fulltime princess.

I am lucky though as I can incorporate several of my interest in my daily life. I work 4 days a week as a pre school teacher, a job that I enjoy dearly and that constantly allows me to learn and confirm yet again that every child is different which makes the job incredibly diverse. Alongside my job I love to spend my time drawing (little me would be pleased!). I love to learn new techniques when it comes to portrait drawing (the style I gravitate towards the most) and just recently have ventured into the world of colored pencils, allowing me to challenge myself even further. 

Another passion of mine that kind of goes hand in hand with drawing is photography. I see beauty in a lot of things and love that I have found another way of capturing all that I find beautiful on camera. I have focussed particularly on nature as my main subject in photography as I enjoy being outside and love flora and fauna and photography for me is the trigger to go outside more. I also love how I can use my own photos as a reference for art projects as well.

Finally I have always been a loyal monarchist and over the years my love for monarchy past and present grew as I started to read into the history of monarchy a lot more. For present monarchy, I am a big fan whether if it is style wise (how do they always look so chic and elegant?) or to just keep track of what change the current generations of royals are making (because they really are making a difference in a lot of areas). My love for royal fashion kind of grew with the Duchess of Cambridge, as she proved that looking elegant does not always have to cost a billion, she proves that Zara pieces can be just as timeless when styled right. It is since the end of 2018 that I have started to write to members of the british royal family. I was actually quite surprised that they send responses back considering they receive so many correspondences. But when I did I kind of got hooked and started to write for occassions such as holidays and birthdays. It has turned into quite a collection already, if you would like to see how you can write to the royals yourself I have put up a few downloads with addresses and birthdays etc on the ´How To´ section on my website.

That is sort of it in a nutshell. I am a enthusiastic person with a love of being creative and a natural urge to explore and to appreciate all of the beauty that is in the world. I hope you will enjoy my little slice on the web as much as I love sharing all the things that spark joy for me.



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