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LIFE - My Autumnal Goals

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

The days are getting colder and the trees are changing colors. It is autumn and I am loving any minute of it. It is no secret that I am a huge lover of the spring season. But I have come to love the autumnal months just as much. There is nothing more satisfying then a crispy cold walk in the woods and warming up to a Pumpkin Spice Latté. I also love how you can get a whole lot more creative with home decor as well. This year I wanted to set myself a few autumnal goals. A agreement to myself so to speak to make sure that I can stripe off these things at the end of the season and maybe even make them into habits from now on

1. Reading

Not specifically an activity that is only bound to this season but you can get so creative with reading time in the autumn. I want to really set the seen by turning on the fairy lights, setting a hot cup of tea, putting on some classical soft music and by burning autumn scented candles. I do try to read regularly anyways, but I don't read half as much as I would like to. I have accumulated quite a lot of english history themed books over the years and really want to dig in to those instead of turning on the telly. So my goal is ideally to read and finish three books this season (so 1 a month which should be achievable).

2. Go out for walks & take up photography again.

I don't do this enough. Even though this is one of the best activities for me when I am feeling a little down or if I generally feel uninspired. For some reason when I am outside in the peaceful scenery of the woods I am able to put things into perspective a whole lot more. My best ideas often pop up when I am outside and I always feel a lot more calm after I have been out for a walk. And besides that I really love the woods, and I am blessed to be surrounded by the woods where I live. So this should not be all that hard to achieve. I love taking photos as well which I should take up more often as well.

3. Get a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte at least once.

Luckily I just cheched off this goal. This is a frivolous one but it is due to Starbucks that I have such a huge love for Pumpkin and Pumpkin spice. In my eyes their PSL is the best and I am a big Starbucks fan all around which is a huge bonus of course. 

4. Simply create

I am a really creative soul but I do not always allow myself to take that time to just create. With work during the week and sometimes the lack of motivation I don't spend as much time on my art as I would like. I hope to change that this season. This kind of goes hand to hand with reading actually as I would rather avoid the telly a bit more in order to have more time for creativity. I also plan on taking a whole lot of outfit posts so that I can blog about it more regularly. I am even currently following a online history course at the moment. So yay for doing what you love!

5. Spend as much time as possible with loved ones.

There is nothing more important and precious to me then spending time with the people I love. So realistically this is not a goal as it is my wish. This year has been a huge eye opener for me that you should cherish every moment as life is short and that time is best spent with people who mean a lot to you. Let everyone around you know how much they mean to you by giving that one gift that is priceless which is your time and your love. 

6. Cuddles with my cat

I am cheating a little bit now as she also falls under the spending time with loved ones category, however cuddles with her are a essential part of both of our days haha. This one is actually easier now as my cat only loves to go outside in nice weather. She stays in when it rains so I expect a whole lot more of cuddle time with her. She always tends to jump on my lap when I am drawing or painting though which makes it quite a challenge to get any work done, lol!

I think that's it! I have already bombarded my house with Autumnal/Woodland decorations so it felt unnessecary to add that to the list but that is definitely one of the best things about this season. Do you have any goals for this season?

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