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What I Did - My Time in Bavaria at Neuschwanstein Castle

Hello lovelies, or should I say guten tag?

Recently I have been on a getaway to the South of Germany, more particularly to Bavaria. Something that has been really high on my wishlist was a visit to the creation of King Ludwig the second, Neuschwanstein Castle. I was really excited that I managed to fulfill that wish and I can happily report that visiting this amazing castle did not disappoint.

When visiting Neuschwanstein you can book a ticket to visit the adjacent castle Hohenswangau too. Hohenswangau is an equally pretty castle that is inexplicitly linked to King Ludwig II, who spent most summers of his youth in this castle. So for the full Bavarian experience I would totally book a ticket for both castles.

I also highly recommend the Museum of Bavarian kings, which is near both castles. This museum gives a bit of background to how the Bavarian dynasty originated and tells the story of the family line and each monarch. The highlight however for me in this museum was King Ludwig II and his urge to create these fantasy like beauties at the cost of national finances. If you are familiar with his story this eventually meant his downfall. But these elaborate ideas Ludwig had where preserved in the form of sketches and designs and the museum has done a incredible job in making simulations of how these ideas would have looked like in reality if they were built.

But I would be lying if the beautiful fairytale like creation of Ludwig didn't distract me. You have these amazing look out points when you hike around this beauty. One of them being on a bridge (which was terrifying but more on that later!) and the other being from the back of the castle.

We didn't have the best of weather, it was raining constantly. Luckily when we sat out to view the look out points the weather cleared up for 30 minutes. You can walk this wooden bridge to get an amazin view of the castle in all its glory. This bridge hiwever is filled with tourists and the wooden pallets tend to move and bounce a tiny bit when people pass. I was terrified and quickly crossed the bridge. The second lookout point was a lot more quiet luckily!

I wore the 'Julia' by Gal Meets Glam for the day. I love the floral print and how feminine it is.

I won't give away to much about the interior of Neuschwanstein, taking photos inside of the castle is forbidden and I recommend to not Google photos of the interior just so that you can be surprised by Neuschwanstein and all it's extravaganza when you visit.

One last tip I will give before I sign off is to book your tickets online in advance. The chance that you miss out if you buy them on the day itself is very very likely. They do the castle tours in groups and at specific times for each group so be aware of that to avoid dissappointment ;)

I hope you liked this little post and that it maybe has given you some inspiration to visit beautiful Bavaria yourself one day.


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