• Valerie Nijssen

What I Received This Month - Royal Mail of April 2019

I hope you all have had a lovely easter and a great april in general. Mine has been filled with memorable and happy memories and I hope the same counts for you. As we head into May (with loads of exciting things ahead). I thought I would show you the mail I have received in April.

The first mail I received is this lovely reply from The Duke of Edinburgh’s office after I send him a card for easter. I am surprised at how fast his staff usually replies to mail and I am thankful for this lovely letter.

Then a letter arrived from Denmark which I did not expect! I wrote to both Princess Mary and Princess Marie’s birthday but I heard that the only one who would likely send a reply would be Crown Princess Mary. But where I did not receive a reply from Mary, I did receive a reply from the household of Princess Marie. A lovely thank you note which is kind of special as it has been signed by the nephew of the late Prince Henri.

April also was the month where dutch princess Ariane celebrated her 12th birthday. To mark the occasion King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima send this reply.

One of my favorite replies ever came from the household of the Princess Royal. Her staff sends out this lovely Easter reply with a pretty picture of Princess Anne.

Another lovely and very colorful reply came from Sarah, the Duchess of York who sends out this lovely and adorable card. It kind of makes me wonder if she makes them herself. They are ridiculously cute and I am very thankful she sends one out to me.

Then finally this pretty letter and photo came from Kensington Palace. I wrote both the Duke and the Duchess separately about their inspirational work in areas I am passionate about. Kensington Palace send out a combined reply and added a lovely photo.

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