• Valerie Nijssen

What I Received This Month - Royal Mail of February 2019

It is March! And as I get super excited about the prospects of the first signs of spring I figured it would be fun to look at the royal mail I have received in February.

First up is this lovely reply from the Duchess of Cambridge who celebrated her birthday in January. It apparently is the same photo card they send out last year but since I only started writing in the end of last year so I don’t mind!

I also wrote a letter to the Prince of Wales last month about the admiration I have for all the work he does to revert Climate change and the awareness he is seeking so that people wake up and make changes before it is too late. In the letter I wrote about the ways I have incited change in my own everyday life. I received a lovely letter back from his office.

This month the Duke of York celebrated his birthday and upon sending a birthday card I received a lovely thank you note back.

The last but in no way least mail I received was my bronze Duke of York IDEA award. I want to do an in depth post about this program soon in which I will tell about this wonderful program in which you yourself can also earn your own award, so stay put for that!

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