• Valerie Nijssen

What I Wore - Cardinal Red in front of the St. Pauls

This post is about 2 months late *oops*. But better late then never am I right? I wrote a extensive post on my first day in London after our weekend break in September. But instead of writing a big post on the things we did on the second day, I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos we took of my outfit.

In this case I took quite a long time preparing the outfit that I thought would match the historic urban back drop of the gorgeous city of London. One popped into my head instantly. The gorgeous burgundy Whistles 'Sofie Rae' dress. We first got a glimpse of the Whistles 'Sofie-Rae' dress when Kate wore it under her coat during a visit to Denmark in 2011. A complete look was visible when she visited the National Portrait Museum to the unveiling of her first official portrait in 2013. 

Now ideally I would pair this dress with some black suede or leather pumps, but from a practical perspective, walking around London all day in heels did not seem like the best idea so I chose to wear some ballet flats instead. My earrings are a replica pair of Kate's much loved Anouschka pearl earrings, mine are from the Buckingham Palace Gift shop. They are available for purchase here

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