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What I Did Today - ITVBE 'Kate's Wardrobe Secrets'

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

In my previous post I finally got to tell you about my collaboration with ITVBE and my behind the scenes experience filming for Kate’s wardrobe secrets a documentary that aired in the UK on Itvbe last Sunday. And since I was able to see it (thanks to one of my lovely followers who made  that possible) I am able to react to it a lot sooner then I initially thought.

Overall I loved how they filmed and edited the final product, for only a time limit of a hour I think they have done a terrific job in making this documentary a fun and girly thing to watch. It gives some insight on Kate’s favourite brands and how they have had amazing responses with sales after Kate was seen in one of their products. Also they did a really fun addition with a look-a-like (how beautiful was she by the way!) and gave some terrific options as to things Kate would wear which I think were pretty spot on!

But I would be lying if the most exciting but also scary part would be the replikate section of the documentary. Incredibly exciting as me and many beautiful ladies that I know through Instagram would be featured. Terrifying as we filmed so many parts on my shoot with ITVBE that I had no clue which parts they would use and how I would come across in general. I felt that especially in the first part of the day that I was really nervous, also I have not seen any of the footage beforehand and that added to my nervous state of mind. Would it be a long feature or just a short snippet?

First part came around and I was already featured in the first introduction which was extremely exciting. But the real fun part came after the first commercial where they did a really cool mash up as to how Kate is not only a role model in the UK, but that she has a global influence and that there were no limits whatsoever as to how far her impeccable sense of style has reached. I was really happy to see some of my friends featured and couldn’t contain my excitement with my guests as I proudly told them who they were.

Then my bits were on and I still can’t believe how much they have ended up using. It is well known in the TV world that you can shoot all day for a project and then only use about a minute in the final product, but honestly they have exceeded my expectations, I am so happy with the final product and how it looked in the end. For the real Kate fans there is a tiny slip up in my scenes regarding the Erdem Sophia dress. Kate wore this whilst pregnant with prince George and not when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, I don’t recall if this is a error on my part due to the nerves or if the crew got it mixed up but if that is the worst of it then I am completely satisfied!

As to when or where it will be shown internationally is something I sadly have no information on just yet. It could be picked up overseas or end up on YouTube in a while but so far I have no updates regarding that. Whenever I have more news I will of course share it with all of you as soon as I can. What I can do is show you some screencaptures made my the lovely Detti (she is a life saver, I can't thank her enough for going out of her way helping us to see the documentary!) and of course a extra shoutout to Karen Rona and Frances Moulton for taking such good care of me on the day of shooting and the ITVBE crew for giving me this amazing chance. I am very humbled and honored to have helped with this little gem!

I hope you will enjoy these snippets and that you all have a lovely day!


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