• Valerie Nijssen

What I Did - My Visit to Spain - Granada

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Oh Granada. You were a adventure indeed! This city is most famous for the Alahambra which is Spains most visited tourist attraction. So much so that if you would like to visit you need to book a certain time way in advance just to be sure to see it's hidden treasures. But it is so worth it! 

First time at a Dunkin Donuts. I could not resist the Cookie Monster Donuts that were put on display.

We then continued our day and visited the amazing Alahambra.

The hidden treasures of the Alahambra. So unique and so beautiful.

A amazing visit and so much ground to cover that my feet hurt when we were back. But the day was not quite over yet as we also joined a nighttime adventure at a night tour. Something I highly recommend as it was such a unique experience.

Refreshed and changed ready for the night tour of Granada.

The sunset with the Alahambra as the backdrop, how stunning is Granada?

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