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What I Did - Spending Easter in Vienna 3

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Hello lovely people!

I hope you have all been well and that you are off to a great week so far. Like I promised here is part 3, the final part of my easter weekend in Vienna. After enjoying a day exploring Schönbrunn palace and the Hofburg palace the last day of our time in Vienna were spend in the city itself and the Schönbrunn Palace's Zoo.

I chose to wear my Seraphiné Natasha coat with the Beulah Elena scarf as the last day was sunny but quite chilly. Paired with opaque tights, L.K. Bennett boots and wearing the Seraphiné Florrie underneath my coat. How pretty is this back drop though?

I am obsessed with Apfelstrudel, it is so delicious!

Vienna you were absolutely gorgeous and fabulous! The city is so big and we got to only see some highlights, there is way to much city to cover in three days. We were incredibly blessed with the weather as well! 

I did get some pretty souvenirs as well!

I fell in love with this napkin holder and the beautiful napkins of Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph. The little figurine of Elisabeth or Sisi was a great addition to my sideboard in my living room. 

If you are interested in the Viennese Emperial Court or Empress Elisabeth this book is for you. It debunks the romantic myths of the Sissi movies and shows a real account of the live of Empress Elisabeth. I loved reading this book and will write a more in depth review of it very soon. 

My last purchase this month was heavily Vienna or Sisi inspired but I didn't buy it in Vienna. When I visited Schönbrunn Palace I was eying the star jewelry inspired by the ones Empress Elisabeth made famous. However I knew that as they were quite affordable that I couldn't expect the world of them. I thought it would be unique to buy a piece of jewelry in memory of each trip. That way they hold meaning and a dear memory. When I came home from my trip I stumbled across these beauties by Carat London. Not crazily expensive and inclusive of a warranty of quality I thought these would make the perfect pair. I love them so much, they are so dainty and feminine. These will be featured in depth in a photo soon!

What are some of your favorite cities to travel too? 

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