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What I Did Today - Working on ITVBE Documentary - Kate's Wardrobe Secrets (Behind the Scenes)

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Earlier this year a private message on my instagram popped up, sent by a lovely lady who works for screenchannel tv. She asked me if I would be interested to participate in a documentary about Kate and her style. Of course I was honored and it didn’t take me long to decide that I would be thrilled to help out in any way I could. Mind you that when this message was send the whole idea they had was just that, a idea, that they wanted to further explore at that point, so nothing was really certain yet.

I had two lovely phone conferences with her before ideas turned into me booking a flight out to London to officially tape for the documentary. As is accustomed in the world of TV these kinds of things pretty much happen on short notice and taking a day off of work for me has to be planned ahead so we only had 24 hours on a free day of mine to plan the whole event. It resulted in us getting out of bed at 4 AM in the morning to start this very cool adventure.

Getting to London from the Netherlands is actually no hassle at all as a flight will only take you about an hour. And we were incredibly well looked after by a lovely woman named Frances who arranged a pick up for us from the airport to the adress in London where we would shoot my bits for the project. About two and a half hours later I was pretty nervous as we reached our destination which was a beautiful street with amazing houses you would drool over. They very carefully picked that location for me as one of the rooms we would be shooting in resembled my room from home. I did take pictures of the location it self but as its someone’s home and I want to respect the owners of the house as much as I can. (Although you can get quite a impression just looking at the scenes in the documentary ;))

My nerves were gone very quickly after arriving on location as the two ladies I worked with that day were really lovely and really helped me to feel at home. They both took the time to explain the process of filming a documentary interview to me and told me that their aim was to make me feel like I was having a conversation with one of my friends and they totally succeeded in that. We filmed my interview bits first and it’s honestly like I had been warned a lot of repetative filming and answering the same questions multiple times until they get all the takes that they need. The challenge in this is to keep answering like its the first time you have been asked that question while you tend to say: ‘Like I said before’.

After we wrapped on the interview section we went on to film the items I brought. I had brought as many items as humanly possible in two hand luggage suitcases but we agreed that my Self Portrait gown, the LK Bennett Lasa dress,The Edrem Sophia dress, The Issa engagement dress, The Emilia Wickstead replica dress by the lovely Zepherra, The whistles dobby skirt & crochet replica, and lastly my Banana Republic skirt were the key pieces they wanted to shoot for me. After we filmed that I got to wear some of the pieces and shoot sort of ‘OOTD’ videos inside and outside of the house. My favorite part was walking outside on in that beautiful London street in my Lasa dress. It was as if I literally lived there. These parts were actually the most time consuming out of the day as we had to shoot it several times and several ways to ensure the best outcome. It was a lot of fun though!

A quick but cosy lunch between takes. Had a lovely chat with Frances and Karen about TV and some of it's well known presenters ;)

In between takes switching to slow motion filming. The neighbours were having construction done and at this point the builders were watching and whistling at me. Lets take a look at how I reacted to that in the left photo. Focus on my face, it will now forever be my 'I am being whistled at' face lol!

After about 5 to 6 hours of fulltime shooting I wrapped! I was complimented by the two lovely ladies as being very poised,  professional and they told me that I was a natural in front of the camera and lovely to work with. I was hugely flattered by their lovely words and their skills as both ladies are truelly talented and very lovely. This was a experience I was incredibly nervous for before hand but in the end I am so happy I did it and I couldn't ask for a better experience. It's a cherry on top of the cake that some of the bits we filmed made it into the final cut and have been used in the documentary. It is a huge honour and I never dreamed that sharing my little hobby on Instagram could have lead to this. 

So a very big thank you to Karen and Frances for completly putting me at ease on the day of the shoot and to Paul (my boyfriend) for coming al that way with me as a moral support and a traveling companion. And a big thank you to the network for using some of my clips and for giving me this chance! I am so very curious to know what you will think of the documentary as it airs tonight on ITVBE at 8 PM. I will watch it along with you and hope you will enjoy it! I will write another blogpost with my favorite bits next week.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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