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What Valerie Drew - A gift for Sarah, Duchess of York

Hi everyone! I hope you are all really well!

Since successfully gifting a drawing to the Duchess of Cornwall and King Willem Alexander I have been left thinking who I would send my next drawing to. Quickly I thought about surprising Sarah, the Duchess of York.

I find her truelly inspirational. Being thrust into the limelight at such a young age and navigating through life as a royal but also as a woman is such a tremendous challenge. She came out the other end though and still does a lot of amazing charitable work such as for example for children in crisis and for the protection of the endangered asian elephants.

Whilst my initial idea was to draw a portrait of Sarah herself, I quickly changed course and drew her daughters instead as she is incredibly proud of them and I figured for a mother it would be a even more meaningful gift.

These were the photos I used as a reference.

This is the finished result! I chose to keep the focus on the princesses faces rather then the details of their outfit. I feel like the eyes especially are the focus point.

After writing this post I will be mailing the portrait off to Buckingham Palace. If a reply comes I will make sure to post it as soon as possible.

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