• Valerie Nijssen

What Valerie Drew - A Gift for the Duchess of Cornwall

Ever since I received the lovely hand signed letter from the Duchess of Cornwall in January (which is featured in this post), I had the idea to send her a drawing. I had wanted to do this for a while actually but know from some people that not all royals accept drawings through the mail.

Knowing that Camilla is so lovely to usually respond to her mail herself I figured she would be the perfect choice. I love Camilla, she is really down to earth and does such great work in her role. I figured her birthday would be the best occasion to send her a drawing. However since that is still months away and once I have an idea stuck in my head I need to do it as soon as I can. So it is kind of a surprise present for her which I hope will make its way to her safely!

After finding a photograph that I loved this is the result so far. I was kindly allowed to post in on a Camilla appreciation Facebook page where so many people replied with lovely comments. Luckily everyone recognizes her so I have framed the drawing and put it into a package along with a letter ready to be mailed off this afternoon! I will keep you posted if it arrived safely and if I get a response from the Duchess of Cornwall!

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