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What I Received This Month - Christmas Mail of 2018

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Hello everyone!

Now that I think I have received every reply for Christmas 2018 (since it is now March) I thought it would be fun to make one big post showing you all the cards the royals send out for last year’s Christmas wishes and early 2019 well wishes.

The first Christmas card that came into my letterbox was this lovely card from Prince Charles & Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. It is a lovely picture card showcasing them at Prince Charles’s birthday celebrations. Inside of the card the couple wishes everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy 2019.

My second ever royal Christmas card came from my own country. It is the Christmas card send by King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima. They chose to send out cards bought from Unicef which I think is such a beautiful sentiment. They send out well wishes and at the same time support a great charity.

Maybe the most beautiful Christmas card yet is this stunning card send out by the Duke of York’s family. Since it came from Buckingham Palace and names both the Duke and Duchess of York’s names I am not sure who actually send it out (as the Duchess of York often sends out her own cards). Nevertheless it is such a beautiful card and it really stands out.

Now Clarence House was properly swamped with mail this Christmas, as many got double replies and some received nothing it was quite a question if a card would arrive at all. This card arrived at my doorstep twice, or if you also count along Harry & Meghan’s pregnancy announcement reply, three times. It is a stunning photo of the beautiful couple in Australia. At the back off the card they thank everyone for their well wishes and wish everyone a happy festive season.

Next up is the Cambridge’s Christmas reply. I had to work hard for this one, quite ashamed to admit that I had to send out 3 Christmas cards (one in December, one in February and finally one in early March) in order to receive this one. I think since there is so many correspondences for both the Cambridges and the Sussexes that everything went a little crazy at the Clarence House post department. Nevertheless I have huge respect for their staff for not losing their minds and even more grateful that this card ended up in my letterbox after all!

Last letter to arrive and certainly not the least, is her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas reply. Usually the Queen’s staff sends out Christmas letters when the household moves to Sandringham for the festive season but I think they received so many letters and cards that they’ve only recently send out the last letters. It is a lovely letter that I will cherish.

All of these letters and cards are special and I am still amazed that so many royal households send out so many replies to so many people.

All my replies can be found in the Royal Mail section of my website. I will update it regularly if new mail comes in! If you want a in depth address list for the Royals I regularly send mail to feel free to check out my printable address list.

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