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What I Received This Month - Royal Mail of November 2018

Updated: May 1, 2019

So November was officially the month that I started to write to the British Royal Family. The first card I had ever send was to Prince Charles in honour of his 70th birthday. I was aware that this idea of writing to royals and receiving royal mail in return was not a new discovery. I had seen many people successfully do it, it just never clicked as a hobby for me before.

But when I received this stunning reply from Clarence House I got hooked and immediately started to write more often whenever there was an occasion to write. It started afterwards with Christmas cards and I even got the idea to write for some recent occasions that had already passed and received a few lovely responses as well.

This amazing photo card from Princess Eugenie of York and her husband Jack Brooksbank was the second card I received after writing to congratulate them with their marriage.

Since Clarence House (who also send out mail for the Cambridges and the Suusexes) were swamped during the time Prince Harry and Meghan married, as well as they were swamped with the birth of Prince Louis I thought I would try and ask if they might send a delayed reply for those occasions. They very kindly did so, so if you didn’t get a reply during the busy period it might be worth it to send another one right now.

The wedding reply of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex.

Reply from the household of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after the birth of their son Prince Louis.

And last but not least the thank you card from The Cambridges after sending them well wishes for Prince Louis his christening.

All my replies can be found in the Royal Mail section of my website. I will update it regularly if new mail comes in! If you want a in depth address list for the Royals I regularly send mail to feel free to check out my printable address list (it is in the how to section on the website ;)).

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