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What I Received This Month - Royal Mail of January 2018

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Hello everyone!

It is the end of January and you know what that means! Let’s see what lovely bits I was lucky to receive last month! Please note, this post does not include Christmas messages as those will be featured in one blogpost!

First up is this gorgeous letter from Princess Sofia of Sweden’s office after I send her a card for her birthday. They have included the most amazing picture of Sofia in a very regal gown.

Second was a lovely handsigned letter from Camilla (my first ever reply from Camilla) where she thanked me for sending her a get well card. Camilla had to miss out on a lot of Christmas festivities as she was ill. Luckily she is doing a lot better now!

Last but not least was a reply I didn’t really expect to receive. In January the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a car accident near the Sandringham estate. Luckily no one got seriously injured but I send out a card anyways sending my well wishes to him and those who were involved and those who helped with the accident. I received a lovely thank you letter where they also state their gratitude for the emergency services.

All my replies can be found in the Royal Mail section of my website. I will update it regularly if new mail comes in! If you want a in depth address list for the Royals I regularly send mail to feel free to check out my printable address list.

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